Sunday, December 29, 2013

I am still asleep

I am still asleep. . . and dreaming 
I glide through the world, 
a white gull held aloft by the sun, 
the ocean, and the blue sky itself. . . 
because of you.

I am still asleep. . . I am the starlight in a bird's eye, 
the shadow of a fairy's wing, 
and a forest, eternally burning. . . 
because of you.

I am still asleep. 
I am a timeless ruby of wine, 
and I sing the pure song of a crystal glass; 
all because you drink from me, 

and you drink deeply.

Life has lost all gravity because of you.

Monday, December 23, 2013


With a guttural diesel engine's roar
a great hound treads the road. . .
A countdown, our rolling new year's eve
to the station, when must part

In the forest of sleeping bodies,
we play two clever trees
Woven round each other, oblivious
Let the passing lumber men disdain.

Our hands were always lovers,
passionate, hungering, knowing one the other
An intimate origami of blushing softness and bone
entwined with all the longing of our bodies

Our lips excite the air with word
as with some breaths we joke and speak
come Closer, I will whisper to your skin
caresses you, with my breath, my heat

Closer, as words become secrets,
and trembling skin their parchment
Closer, my darling mine,
so we might share a breathe as one

Breathe faster, Closer and content
lips pressed hard, liquid as tongues
for our station approaches
like evening sun

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Wish

I am a raven in her titanium sky

calling songs she could not recall.
"Love", untouchable as heart break
a pale drop of cream upon a fox's tongue

Did street lights blossom on your lash
and curve your cardinal lips?
Were those fireflies in your eyes?

Your lips remembered mine, as night
suffused a gentle dawn, in white.

As I shed feathers, to build her wings
please let her fly beyond the wall!
And then . . .  the river froze. For us,
and us alone. Our dance of days. . .

Do you remember me? For I wish,
to always remember you.

I would only wish I never met you,
so I might meet you, once again.
All works Copyright 2013 Shou Yu Qun!