Sunday, October 20, 2019

Losing you in 14 lines

You were dancing and dodging, my eyes, that were watching
A small hand in my hand, through crowds had I led you

A wine bar, a dance hall, your front seat, and our aching
I played hooky for your sweet hand, in a small park by the duck pond
Escape rooms, and space tombs, and together we saved the day and a queen
A marvel of sponge cake, immortal ballon - you carried these presents from so far away
To the haunting of old rooms, a night club, and Liam

I pulled you and you followed. Coming ever closer, to my heart, my light, my air
My city, my friendships, my secrets, and a share of all my hardship
But your days were where you struggled, like your hair upon the pillow
Softly aimless, sweet the tangle, as one was drowned into the other
And here were we, lost, in spirals, to each other.. closer, but lower, ever lower

In the end was there trembling... ugly, my mouth, and beautiful your eyes
So your hand, I let go, in the autumn of good byes.
All works Copyright 2013 Shou Yu Qun!