Tuesday, April 4, 2017

From the little boy to the little girl

Is this prayer, when our two hands meet?
That each star is a feeling we will share.
When first we danced as strangers sweet,
No other eyes do I remember, or compare.

Will I be the little boy,
alone and sitting on the yellow bus
bannered beneath my cardboard heart
glittering and red: a name, unwritten.

Will you be the little girl,
alone on a midday playground swing.
Joyful, flying open arms to azure sky,
lips wide in laughter and untouched.

Now I sit with you, as you with me,
not fork and spoon, but sea and sand.
A song of gulls and a ring of moon,
serenade the moments when we meet.

How could my eyes go anywhere else
As your voice curls around my ear like a vine.
We are fingertips and touching petals,
Folding together. One, as a morning rose.

We pour sweet wines and bubbles
into a glass to make it whole,
with pleasure and purpose to our lips.
As we pour springtime and sunlight
on the fire in each other's chest
So we are whole,
your body in my arms
Wine and glass, to our hearts.

Let us sleep then, you and I,
dreaming as a touch of velvet
on lip, skin and blushing cheeks.

I would whisper in your ear...
"Sé que valoro mi Valerie"
Sonriendo, "sé que me valora"
All works Copyright 2013 Shou Yu Qun!