Sunday, May 25, 2014

butterflies tango

The butterflies in my tummy have flourished. 
They are in my heart,
dancing a fine twirling argentine tango 
(complicated with extra pairs of legs). 

They are sliding about my veins,
like over-joyed kids 
in a waterpark 
drunk on the hot pulse 
of a summer day. 

They are in my mind. . . 
I am a butterfly, 
affectionately brushing your petals 
with my fine wiry antennae, 
clinging to your silken petals. 

In the leisurely sun 
of a perfect day, 
or in the slick rain of life's obstacles, 
I shield you with my little wings, 
and drink in your fragrance 
with great pleasure. . . 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Kiwi in a Forest of Legs

What does our world looks like from the outside? 

Is it a tiny drop of rain, 
shining bright as a gem, 
sitting atop a fresh blade of grass? I

s it a vibrant, dancing star, 
guiding any others 
who should peek its distant light? 

Perhaps it is an elusive, 
puffball of a kiwi bird, 
darting between the forests of legs 
on a busy New York sidewalk. 

A passing stranger might wonder 
at something so curious 
and out of place. 

before they can fumble for their phones 
and capture it for karma, 

before they can google 
whether the kiwi bird 
is known to live in major north american cities, 

before they check their newspapers 
for reports of escaped kiwi's, 

we'll have drifted out of sight, 
leaving them wondering, 
and perhaps 
with a little smile on their face.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Stars, Whales and Goldfish

Waking up together, 
bright as red goldfish 
swimming through the air 
above your bed. 

Perhaps they'd gather 
to gawk 
and make their fishy faces 
at the green tara.

I want to climb old lighthouses with you. 
We could reignite the flame with a kiss. 
The ponderously spinning light 
serves to guide a great whale, 
safely into harbor. 

The whale would open its massive maw, 
and a circus would roll 
safely, off his tongue.

I want to kiss every mole on your body,
in the gently waving tall grass. 
I will make love to you 
beneath a blanket of falling stars. 
They would slow to land all around us, 
to make our own Austin-night 
strings of christmas lights,
 as we giggle 
giddily, into each other's smiles

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Architectural Satisfaction

my affection . . . 
It is like a leafy vine on a building wall. 

Growing up thick and lush about her foundations, 
climbing persistently up her bare 
expanses of smooth walls, 
beautifully framing windows 
in leaf and tendril and wrapping 
snuggling around her perfect balconies 
(lest they should run away). 

She glows with architectural satisfaction, 
stands obviously apart from the rows 
of plain faced buildings that surround.

Simply enraptured in the attentions of nature. 
As the warm days of spring stretch before us, 
they bloom. . .

Each little blossom a word of love. 
Every breeze looses a teasing, fragrant melody. 
And soon, wood and stone, vine and structure are one; 
neither the same, without the other.

All works Copyright 2013 Shou Yu Qun!