Thursday, May 12, 2016

Only heard in my mind

Only heard in my mind. . . 

Inside, it was a noisy puff of trains, the steady row of planes
taking off for places without names. . . 
cargo holds full of ideas, but seats empty, soulless
From here, I write you my adoration, my uncommon love, 

I will not "heart skips a beat" you. . .
that irregularity requires paddles and electrocution,
I hold you in my heart, broader and gentler than arrhythmia
Scooped up my moments with you, like krill to a great whale
hungry from my journey to you

I cannot "give you the moon and the stars". . .
such amassing of extrasolar bodies would collapse our little world,
though from the tiny horizon of my self, I seek by any means
every starbursted chrysanthemum, delicate crescent of moon cake
putting little wonders in your palm. . . on your lips

Optimist though I am at your side, I cannot "love conquers all". . . 
for there is so very much all in this world. . and I am small
together we are far greater, but we are not the equal to the all
though we can sustain each other with adoration and care,
and face it all together with greater grace

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Gilded Leaves

Our love began as a shiny round acorn
Cautiously planted with fun and adventures
The tiny shoot of our story unfolding, edging to the sky
As we explored the secrets of Boston in the autumn chill

The first tiny leaves unfurled, as we kissed. . .
Love's tiny green, razor edged flags,
waving giddily in the warm cotton-candy wind.

What a strange tree, you might say
This love tumbles quickly into the sky,
Deep roots, tapping the song in our every step,
drinking happily of ocean and earth

Our New Orleans oak, boughs and fans across grass and into cloud,
Love's barkish trunk, of rainbow memory and wonders merry
Worry not my love, that branches spread both thin and broad
For with this love, we have the strength to hold the sky
As tiny birds make songs to gild our leaves.
All works Copyright 2013 Shou Yu Qun!