Monday, December 8, 2014

I would find xenon

You asked me once, what if we'd never met?
I would've felt nothing differently at first.
I was already hollow and tired
compressed into a little square,
the sad frosty breath of an elk
on an empty frozen lake

After a time, without even an idea of you
I would miss you. . . with no knowing
I would only long for something
Life should be funnier and warmer
and more adventurous
Kisses should have fire
and passion. . .
Adventure. . .

I would find xenon
and with it, I'd look. . . 
within the depths of my hollow days
I would look for signs of you
between the formulaic songs
among the endless noise
I pine for the slightest hint of you
in the darkness
of all that does not matter

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It Burns

(written in light of the Ferguson riots)

It is 2am, and the world is on fire
The heart takes a breath
as the mind can only hold it
I lay exhausted, saying nothing

what is there for these
but their anger, their hunger
a season of burning colors
smoldering over a dead child

I miss you my darling
my heart yearns to breathe
and my mind is exhausted
i want to hold you and say nothing

Monday, November 10, 2014

Wolves Going to Picnic

I woke, and resisted the urge 
to really turn over to face the empty plains of our bed. 
Instead I imagined turning over. . 

to see the edges of your lashes, 
sweeping down towards your cheek, 
like foothills to a snowy plain.

A pack of silver wolves racing by,
padding softly through the snow.
They are wearing pointed hats,
and silk grey jackets:
they are going to picnic,
they are going to tea.

It is then, that my fingers brush your cheek,
sending the little wolves tumbling
with the soft clatter of tea cups
little white saucers, spinning.
A bit of spilt oolong 
(for that is what wolves drink)
soft and warm as my whispered
"good morning my love"

Friday, November 7, 2014

Hilarity Followed

I think perhaps it was the brisk weather last night. 
I dreamt of standing in front of Bronwyn, 
nervously waiting to meet the beautiful woman 
who also wanted to meet me!

Your playful eyes were sunlight and blue sky
draped with lamplight bangs
wrapped in the cool autumn air

I remember finally getting to kiss you
tenderly at first,
then quickly with wild wanting

We were famine and our lips the feast
The sweet devouring of our tongues
All the world fell away
as I got to kiss you the way I always meant to

and the hilarity that followed

Saturday, October 25, 2014

One afternoon

One afternoon, we ran away from it all. . .
Projects spinning on their rims
Deadlines, cooling like crusty magma
We let it all go to voice mail.

Hand in hand, we ran, drove, flew
to where valleys envelope us,
like apple rinds coiled around the foothills
sweetly fragrant flames, rusting in the wind

The sunlight is our trumpet, bright as brass
big as the smiles we use to fill each other
great sails of light. . . our sun on a string
we face each other, and let all shadows

fall behind.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Something Absolution

The warm glow of the world 
spun around us like a scarf,
our toes jumping lively,
our noses touching, touch

I am flying in the blue openness of your eyes
and though we may spin faster, ever faster
we are pulled ever closer
by something's absolution. . .

The rising ocean, 
will catch the falling rain
inevitable. . .

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


It was so strange walking up to your door last night. . . 
it is as if the pavement is peeling away as you prepare to leave.

Carpeting retracts from the stairs
like a cat's tongue curling back
after a yawn.

The lights flicker,
every bulb is a little candle's flame
walls thin, like old playing cards
quivering in the wind.

Window blinds waver like watery eyes
for they recognize what comes.
The trees outside shed their clothes. . .
The feathers to your wings.

Take my hands my love
Let us race like our heart beats
to our next adventure
As the street folds closed,
like a wet, black fan.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Canopy of Golden Plans

Love is funny. . . 
It is patience,
Sitting by a field
tending the sprouting green
as it layers over the remains 
of every prior season

to see what colors arise
to paint name
a pink tremor on your lips
the cloudy blue cocktail,
stirring in you eyes
or a canopy of golden plans
in dreaming the next adventure

But we are also delving
changing and shifting
picking through earth's pockets
for the unexpected
a timeless day
when we lighten our burdens
or the perfect corner
of my arm for you to rest

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Every word I write, is a love letter
to things I can never touch again
Every idea is a ship launched
from the sandy shore of the now

We kiss with forgetful tongues,
As hands renew an embrace
Friends recalled in warmth
Lovers rejoined in darkness

For though the present prints memories
as sheet music for waterfalls
When we meet. . . deseo mía
steam churns, from our presses

white sheets, smoke, crisp and burn
intricately inked, endlessly possible
I am a dandelion in the cold desert
before our rolling, nuclear tidal wave

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A map

If i could 
number the stars
in your eyes

they would be
raindrops and paint
spun off a wheel

to count them
follow butterflies
trace a map

etched deep
in grey-blue lines
on my scalp

and then wait
let the hair grow
playful waves

hiding. . .  only just. . . 
scruffling me

Sunday, August 24, 2014


I want to hold your brittle hand...
to feel your jagged pulse in mine
Let it take ensiform root in me 
redwood destiny, in seed
Threading full my every vein
Leaf and branch, burst up and back 
Unfurling sail and hollow wing
for our journey from this elder world,
To home. . . back to our home. . . 
White roof above, our roots below
As you water me with kiss sweet 
My toes drink greenery, damp and deep
As I am your old silver skinned tree
I hold earth beneath, as solid vow
And storm above, will breach no bough
I give you my shade, my sweet green sea
For you, I whisper, as I sing
I sing you song of leaf and branch
as I stand, 
I stand for you.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The color of wildflowers

Did you sleep well?
Did your body bloom with relief. . .
wild flowers in the moonlight
My fingertips sowed then into your beauty last night
Tilled muscle and skin until they sighed in relief
And then in the dark of your room. . . 
stretching toward the unseen moon
little buds peeked out, 
yawned with a tender uncurling of leaves,
and the colors came. . .

the little white blooms, like snow blossoms
shy blue droplets of sky and sea
bright yellow joy, shaped as tiny lions calling to the moon
the valleys of your back held tense a moment, 
a sigh of relief at the end of a torrent of rain.

and then the million unnamed colors of love
the kind you saw when you realize in a daze
that our love had thwomped you on the head
and you briefly feared that you might never, ever
see straight. . . 
ever again. . .

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Yellow Petals

We learn each other with time and laughter
We hold one another in mind and breath
Our joys more numerous than lights
in the river of stars above
our city of night
pushing blossoms to the dock
pushing gulls on a salted wind

When you hold me, I want
nothing more than to be wood
smooth and cool to the touch
like the green forest air

When I close my eyes, I know you
on the tips of my fingers,
like soft yellow petals
growing through the concrete

Monday, July 28, 2014


My beautiful darling, my perfect lover, my dearest. . .
As we get closer,
I might laugh a little too loud,
You might eat a little too much,
My joke would fall flat

Roses! Wine! Sweep you off your feet!
As our lips embrace,
Perhaps I kiss a little too hard
You might poke me a in the eye
I might snore that night (it was wine after all)

Ah, but the moonlight inspires romance! and love!
I forget to hold a door for you
You might pick your nose more freely
I kiss you with my morning breath

I will not always be handsome
and you will not always be beautiful
and love is mortal, as are we

But I give you my awkwardness, 
 my romantic heart,
  my forgetfulness,
   my poetry,
    my strange body,
     my devotion,
      my neuroses,
I give it all to you. . .

I'll will always make you smile,
and when I am in your arms, 
I will always feel warm
for what is love, if not an agreement to see each other
to really, really see each other, 
and still our eye shine,
our lips curl like clouds in the wind, 
and we sigh, together.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Haikus Dreaming

Dream of you last night
Walking along the water
I am your warm scarf

When you are in need, 
I am your man. I am oak 
place your back to me

From you, I only
steal glances by the millions
return them often

Dream my hand in yours
warm, firm, and we are ready
the whole world is ours

Place your hand on me
Feel my solid heart, beating
Leaping to meet you

I hold you close, with
my whole heart, both hands, fingers
crossed, and arms open

Kiss me like a kite
caught on a tree in a storm
free me, welcome me.

For you are my moon
the moon that makes the sun shine 
and the oceans burn

Let our branches grow,
and brush, and touch, and tangle,
until our storm. . . comes

Night slips by our bed,
tangled, we blissfully dream. . .
magic, in our skin.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Sunlight on Water

Look at me, my love
I am sunlight on water,
because I have you :)

Look at me as I look at you
You are moonlight
cooling my hot skin

We are two hands, clasped together
Fingers mixing in warmth
as sand dancing beneath the waves
fish, flick their silvery tails
donating scales to star our endless blue

And when we part, as at times we must
I'll reach you with a loving pen
until nightly, we find 
our way together again

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Miss You

I miss the giddy music in my nerves, 
when you run your fingers through my hair. 
I miss the playful light in your eyes 
when are about to pounce on me. 

You lean toward me like a tyrannosaurus 
about to ruffle my hair 
(but who is also ticklish!), 
giggling all along

I miss the way you purse your lips,
like you're about to whistle. . . 
when you try on earrings in a mirror, 
or when you're upset with me.

I think you'd put me in your purse
Only to look for me a little later
with the tips of your little claws, 
because sometimes 
you missed me too

Sunday, May 25, 2014

butterflies tango

The butterflies in my tummy have flourished. 
They are in my heart,
dancing a fine twirling argentine tango 
(complicated with extra pairs of legs). 

They are sliding about my veins,
like over-joyed kids 
in a waterpark 
drunk on the hot pulse 
of a summer day. 

They are in my mind. . . 
I am a butterfly, 
affectionately brushing your petals 
with my fine wiry antennae, 
clinging to your silken petals. 

In the leisurely sun 
of a perfect day, 
or in the slick rain of life's obstacles, 
I shield you with my little wings, 
and drink in your fragrance 
with great pleasure. . . 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Kiwi in a Forest of Legs

What does our world looks like from the outside? 

Is it a tiny drop of rain, 
shining bright as a gem, 
sitting atop a fresh blade of grass? I

s it a vibrant, dancing star, 
guiding any others 
who should peek its distant light? 

Perhaps it is an elusive, 
puffball of a kiwi bird, 
darting between the forests of legs 
on a busy New York sidewalk. 

A passing stranger might wonder 
at something so curious 
and out of place. 

before they can fumble for their phones 
and capture it for karma, 

before they can google 
whether the kiwi bird 
is known to live in major north american cities, 

before they check their newspapers 
for reports of escaped kiwi's, 

we'll have drifted out of sight, 
leaving them wondering, 
and perhaps 
with a little smile on their face.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Stars, Whales and Goldfish

Waking up together, 
bright as red goldfish 
swimming through the air 
above your bed. 

Perhaps they'd gather 
to gawk 
and make their fishy faces 
at the green tara.

I want to climb old lighthouses with you. 
We could reignite the flame with a kiss. 
The ponderously spinning light 
serves to guide a great whale, 
safely into harbor. 

The whale would open its massive maw, 
and a circus would roll 
safely, off his tongue.

I want to kiss every mole on your body,
in the gently waving tall grass. 
I will make love to you 
beneath a blanket of falling stars. 
They would slow to land all around us, 
to make our own Austin-night 
strings of christmas lights,
 as we giggle 
giddily, into each other's smiles

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Architectural Satisfaction

my affection . . . 
It is like a leafy vine on a building wall. 

Growing up thick and lush about her foundations, 
climbing persistently up her bare 
expanses of smooth walls, 
beautifully framing windows 
in leaf and tendril and wrapping 
snuggling around her perfect balconies 
(lest they should run away). 

She glows with architectural satisfaction, 
stands obviously apart from the rows 
of plain faced buildings that surround.

Simply enraptured in the attentions of nature. 
As the warm days of spring stretch before us, 
they bloom. . .

Each little blossom a word of love. 
Every breeze looses a teasing, fragrant melody. 
And soon, wood and stone, vine and structure are one; 
neither the same, without the other.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


I am awkward, 
but you love me any way
I let a sound escape my lips
and you laugh it off as a joke
absently give my hair another stroke

I picked you flowers from the roadside
and tossed the ones that wouldn't last
you'd always have too much room,
for the bouquet of two that bloom

I rush for every bag and door
like I'm chasing tossed grenades
I'll make all your coffee and tea
You remind me, you only need me

I stare at the stars every night
to fit them into my eyes
I try to show them to you all day
I can't take my eyes off you anyway

Darling I smile when I feel lost
only to find your hand within mine
Inside my heart I am yours
In every way, I am yours

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Loom of Days

Collect all the shells 
strewn about the beach,
the presents of my ocean 
sparkling under a blanket of stars

these are the skipped beats of my heart
each time I place my eyes upon you, 

they shine bright as falling stars 

string them finely upon oue loom of days,
and weave these beats into your song,

birds would quiet to listen, 
and tap their little toes
there would be tiny happy tears 

for they know it
they have tried to sing it 
all their lives.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sky Above Sky

It is only right that you teach me to swim, 
and inspire me to travel in the world and in words, 

Like the floating call of morning bells, 
(as sunset will call moonrise)
mushroomed blue skies lit with clouds, 
like weeds encircling a desert town

i have realized the deepest secret,
the cave in the mine,
the sky above sky
the fate of the cards
covered in cups and symbols
and eyes

that i carry your heart with me
for it is the ocean within my heart
the wonder that made stars gasp
so sharp they could only fly apart

Friday, March 28, 2014

A Tide of Wood and Leaf

When you feel down,
You, who swallowed a falling star. . . 

that was my star, 
and a wish was upon that light. 

You are all that I wished for. . . 
this endless wilderness of inspiration and laughter. 
Life with you is surprising and amazing!

When the rest of life that is so thin, 
and shallow falls over like the false 
building fronts of an old hollywood set, 
ours will grow over it all 

a tide of wood and leaf, 
swallowing the world.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Light Switch

Humor me. 
Grab the light switch, and flick it up. . .
and down. . . 
up and down. . .
and again. 
Those were the days and nights pushing past our eyes. . . 
before we met. 
That was the lifetime which shaped us,
the life of time, before we met. . . 
before the world learned to stand still 
as a hummingbird's last wingbeat. . . 
a bubbling brook's meditation on joy, 
that flowed up the gates within us, 
past the watchful third eye, 
on to the white crown. . . 
the ecstasy of that buzzing moment 
before the first morning kiss. . . 
the sensation 
of both our lips 
reaching like a dawn. . .
hungry for the stars
and the rose hued bliss
that follows
when we feast

All works Copyright 2013 Shou Yu Qun!