Monday, July 28, 2014


My beautiful darling, my perfect lover, my dearest. . .
As we get closer,
I might laugh a little too loud,
You might eat a little too much,
My joke would fall flat

Roses! Wine! Sweep you off your feet!
As our lips embrace,
Perhaps I kiss a little too hard
You might poke me a in the eye
I might snore that night (it was wine after all)

Ah, but the moonlight inspires romance! and love!
I forget to hold a door for you
You might pick your nose more freely
I kiss you with my morning breath

I will not always be handsome
and you will not always be beautiful
and love is mortal, as are we

But I give you my awkwardness, 
 my romantic heart,
  my forgetfulness,
   my poetry,
    my strange body,
     my devotion,
      my neuroses,
I give it all to you. . .

I'll will always make you smile,
and when I am in your arms, 
I will always feel warm
for what is love, if not an agreement to see each other
to really, really see each other, 
and still our eye shine,
our lips curl like clouds in the wind, 
and we sigh, together.

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