Thursday, April 24, 2014


I am awkward, 
but you love me any way
I let a sound escape my lips
and you laugh it off as a joke
absently give my hair another stroke

I picked you flowers from the roadside
and tossed the ones that wouldn't last
you'd always have too much room,
for the bouquet of two that bloom

I rush for every bag and door
like I'm chasing tossed grenades
I'll make all your coffee and tea
You remind me, you only need me

I stare at the stars every night
to fit them into my eyes
I try to show them to you all day
I can't take my eyes off you anyway

Darling I smile when I feel lost
only to find your hand within mine
Inside my heart I am yours
In every way, I am yours

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Loom of Days

Collect all the shells 
strewn about the beach,
the presents of my ocean 
sparkling under a blanket of stars

these are the skipped beats of my heart
each time I place my eyes upon you, 

they shine bright as falling stars 

string them finely upon oue loom of days,
and weave these beats into your song,

birds would quiet to listen, 
and tap their little toes
there would be tiny happy tears 

for they know it
they have tried to sing it 
all their lives.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sky Above Sky

It is only right that you teach me to swim, 
and inspire me to travel in the world and in words, 

Like the floating call of morning bells, 
(as sunset will call moonrise)
mushroomed blue skies lit with clouds, 
like weeds encircling a desert town

i have realized the deepest secret,
the cave in the mine,
the sky above sky
the fate of the cards
covered in cups and symbols
and eyes

that i carry your heart with me
for it is the ocean within my heart
the wonder that made stars gasp
so sharp they could only fly apart
All works Copyright 2013 Shou Yu Qun!