Tuesday, December 15, 2015


There is a branch, green and fresh
Waving outside my window
Scratching outside my window

There is a branch scratching snowflakes
Will this day frost it with snow
Will the evening glaze it with ice

We share our breath beneath this branch
Our lips warm and quiver in sweetness
Our lips glide and shiver, deliciously

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Lillies and Starlight

The house is not the same without us :)
We are its crystal chandelier,
wreathed with lillies and tipped in starlight.
We are the golden rushes of sunlight
on a perfect sunday morning
warm and brilliant in each others arms

We chase each other around the bed
ruby throated hummingbirds at play
children at the beach, carefree
collapsing together, two palms touching
leaning our fronds into each other
before the breezy sapphire sea

Our laughter before bedtime
is the demon pianists' private concert
filling the room with the rarity of purpose
and contentment worth closing your eyes
to savor, for one evening more

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Two Deer

My hands, always the perfect gloves for yours
naked, they hung as flags on a windless day
quiet in the shame of all the lonely things 
that they couldn't do

I sat alone in the crowd. I stood alone on the street.
A social eating disorder at the buffet

We are such complex machines of dreaming
piecing our selves together with pleas,
and promises of self comfort

but no words were harder or braver
than admitting I am lost without your hand

That though I move, and smile
and give care to others

I was my prison, and every cell
full of myself. . .

So my darling, when we forgave each other
for being apart. . . 

when our arms ribboned together
wrapping our beautiful presence

we bless one another 
two deer, practicing leaps over white fences

bowing swans in the sunlight
treading on ripples and quivers
barely able to contain our renewal of affection

Our butterflies dusted off their wings
like chinese fans, painted for a festival

My love, we found springtime in the face of autumn's end

Friday, October 23, 2015

I wish you a cloudy morning

I think ahead to your journey into the sunrise. . .
I wish you a cloudy morning. . .
sweet curtains of mist riveted
to the smooth steel grey waters

they roll between the rosy fingers of morning
dipping into the wine dark sea
like the wing tip of a gull
turning above the water
splashing ever so slightly past the surface
like a sail sliding cross a piece of sky
whose droplets hold the last innumerable jewels of night

let us pick one of those, to adorn our love
even as the gaze of morning
forgets the existence of stars

Monday, October 5, 2015

Tea Cups

It's the difference between catching a falling tea cup
and serving a hot cup of tea to a distant table. 
The tea cup isn't easily captured
Its tumble is rapid asymmetry
the handle is a bewildered toddler
equally amazed at it's first frantic steps
as the cold smack of floor on its bottom
a catcher may only sip the intensity for a moment

As opposed to the the long steady burn
in your fingered fore arms
holding the little footprint of a saucer
gazing steadily on a tiny ocean 
of tea and tidal movements
a song of urgently wringing china
as the subway passes your first tiny apartment
in the shadow of the M train

I suppose they are the same life 
lived in different phases

Monday, April 20, 2015

Starry Chandelier

You are so far away. . . are you a sleepy kitty's dream?
Are you hidden away in the woods
atop a towering tangle of ivy and stone
are you going somewhere in your traveling hood
a garden of flowers and beasts?

Let down your hair my love
Ah. . . I love your haircut. . .
I will rise like a balloon
Forgetting the fears that cut my heart
I brought the world to your window
To trade for your sweet coffee kisses

Are you lost in these woods my darling?
May I carry that basket for you?
It looks heavy with salad,
I'll forget the halloween costumes
and have a picnic in the woods instead
The woods are laden with cold flowering branches
my furry ears long for your delicate touch. . . 

Come to my garden my dearest
The trees are in spring glorious bloom
Put your hand on my shoulder and with the other
take my rough, fur-lined paw
and let us dance away the curses of this world
let us spin and twirl beneath the starry chandelier
kiss me my woman and i'll be your silver prince
and your howling beast ;)

Monday, March 30, 2015

The secret of dark matter

It is strange when my mornings aren't warmed 
by the smell like costa rican coffee
 and one more quick spoon 
before we fully surrender our nights 
to our day. 

The wordless peace 
of fingers and legs 
binding us together. . . 
anchoring our bodies 
safely to the earth, 
our branches, leaves 
spiraling into a jade tapestries
clouds spilling through the fibers. . . 
as our minds float beyond floors 
and roofs, 
past the bravest bird, 
the lighest spiderling 
sailing on a rainbow thread. . . 
past satellite eyes 
into the fabric of the great dreaming. . . 

that is the secret of dark matter
the hidden ingredient of the universe my love. . . 

far below, 
we let free happy little sighs,
into the softness of each other's necks. . . 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Two diatoms

Sand stretches like the white belly of a waking cat
We are wrapped warmly, arm in arm, 
paper cranes sitting on the rising sun

The wind bears us, a seed in a white dove's beak
Island to island, to christen every breach of sun and sea
And celebrate every surrender to the gravity of night

In the inky ocean outside a plane's oval eyes
We might merely be two little diatoms
In the vast blue planktonic dance

But when we move together
the ocean bends and stars light our path
to our next adventure. . .arm in arm

Monday, January 12, 2015

We have been swimming

We have been swimming, 
 you and i
  in blue wonders 
   and feathery clouds
  each drop, 
 a radiant gasp,
a verdant 
 pinto sprout,
  the canopy
 knocking over 
   a grinning sloth
   and a beautiful kinkajou
home. . . .
All works Copyright 2013 Shou Yu Qun!