Monday, April 20, 2015

Starry Chandelier

You are so far away. . . are you a sleepy kitty's dream?
Are you hidden away in the woods
atop a towering tangle of ivy and stone
are you going somewhere in your traveling hood
a garden of flowers and beasts?

Let down your hair my love
Ah. . . I love your haircut. . .
I will rise like a balloon
Forgetting the fears that cut my heart
I brought the world to your window
To trade for your sweet coffee kisses

Are you lost in these woods my darling?
May I carry that basket for you?
It looks heavy with salad,
I'll forget the halloween costumes
and have a picnic in the woods instead
The woods are laden with cold flowering branches
my furry ears long for your delicate touch. . . 

Come to my garden my dearest
The trees are in spring glorious bloom
Put your hand on my shoulder and with the other
take my rough, fur-lined paw
and let us dance away the curses of this world
let us spin and twirl beneath the starry chandelier
kiss me my woman and i'll be your silver prince
and your howling beast ;)

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