Tuesday, March 21, 2017

An Adoration of Ideas

I read dog-eared books of poetry,
sketching fabric lives, in their fashion, 
As fate, and fortune . . . elaborately free,
threading my truth in wonders. . .

I trace these stories over your palm,
Lace garlands of fragrant thought for your hair,
bowed with glided joy, and lyrical soul.

Humming. . . intimate, warm into your neck,
I adorn the curve of your ear, with an adoration of ideas,
Treasure, plucked from cradled arms, and lettered gods.

A tango of anticipation, swerve my lilting lips,
A pleasurable, rocking, bobbin lathe of words,
Pleasurable for they journey to your eyes.

As I read for you Cielito,
Tie my verse between two Ceiba trees, 
Our serene hammock of swaying contentment. . .

Together, joined in rhythmic discourse,
beneath the heaven of our twilight sky,
known, to only you and I.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Time. . .
holds us all
so jealously
in the swing 
of her dance. . .

When we are apart. . . 
in the formal skin
of our work 
our obligations, 

We feel a longing 
for each other. . .
stretched out
over moments,
widening lips
without a voice
an unwinding road 
without signs

When we are together, 
some, might say,
we lost track of time, 
but I think 
it was time 
who lost track of us. 

As we live 
blissful eternities
in the urgent embrace
of each deep, 
lingering kiss. 

An evening disappears 
quick as an echo 
in the grey stone streets. . .

Querida. . . come time travel with me

All works Copyright 2013 Shou Yu Qun!