Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Kiwi in a Forest of Legs

What does our world looks like from the outside? 

Is it a tiny drop of rain, 
shining bright as a gem, 
sitting atop a fresh blade of grass? I

s it a vibrant, dancing star, 
guiding any others 
who should peek its distant light? 

Perhaps it is an elusive, 
puffball of a kiwi bird, 
darting between the forests of legs 
on a busy New York sidewalk. 

A passing stranger might wonder 
at something so curious 
and out of place. 

before they can fumble for their phones 
and capture it for karma, 

before they can google 
whether the kiwi bird 
is known to live in major north american cities, 

before they check their newspapers 
for reports of escaped kiwi's, 

we'll have drifted out of sight, 
leaving them wondering, 
and perhaps 
with a little smile on their face.

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All works Copyright 2013 Shou Yu Qun!