Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where did you go?

Where did you go?

I looked away for a few years. . .
    the first signs of growing up
    my baby girl
    the quieted pigments of imagination

And then,
   Your coffee shoppe no longer pours
   the spider, weaves in a corner of a gallery
   girded by "art"

What became of the band
   Did their orbits break?   Were they reclined into the outward spiral
   Out past the brown lights

I read the wrong review in the North Texas Daily
   perpetually dated today
   You even play two venues next week!
   The Bar of Soap, gone the way of your cafe, and Moon a shuttered nomad

Have all the pleasures been squeezed from your fingers?
How long before they no longer believed you existed.

Though, it is all the better you stay lost

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