Thursday, August 6, 2020

Dear Extroverts

Dear Extroverts,

I am the introvert
. . . possibly "your" introvert

The one on the side
at the meeting table,
talked over,
talked at,
talked about
for not talking enough.

Framed in the back gallery as
soft spoken 
even suspicious

And now, a magnanimous plot twist,
encouraged to participate more
speak up
really, come to the table
because your thoughts are valuable 
(thanks, I agree)
You'll grow out of it. . . the quiet.

I have thought about it
I often think about it
from behind my shades
and headphones
a reflection of someplace quiet. . .

The noise is in my head, 
not outside.
There is noise from your mouth
was that from your head?

I happen to like how I am
Perhaps even be proud
though you might have trouble telling,
as there are no closed captions
I am not "as seen on TV

I am introvert.
Hear me assert myself,
at a reasonable speaking volume.

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